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Market Statistics

Company Name  OpenClosePercent 
General Silos And Storage.. GSSC.CA 31.0231.879.99
Cairo Development& Invest.. CIRF.CA 9.6410.189.96
Gulf Canadian Real Estate.. CCRS.CA 10.6911.349.92
Egyptian Arabian (cmar) .. EASB.CA
Alexandria National Compa.. ANFI.CA 9.669.669.21
Company Name  OpenClosePercent 
Industrial & Engineering .. IEEC.CA 11.7810.87-10.02
Golden Pyramids Plaza.. GPPL.CA 1.481.48-8.11
Egypt Aluminum.. EGAL.CA 14.0813.08-7.46
Delta Sugar.. SUGR.CA 11.1111.11-6.84
Arab Land Recl... EALR.CA 9.559.55-5.76
Company Name  OpenCloseValue
Commercial International.. COMI.CA 55.8155.2738,152,191
Orascom Telecom Media And.. OTMT.CA 0.870.8537,625,398
Amer Group Holding.. AMER.CA 1.071.0535,211,786
T M G Holding.. TMGH.CA 8.368.3024,641,458
Palm Hills Development Co.. PHDC.CA 2.512.4619,616,592
Company Name  OpenCloseVolume
Orascom Telecom Media And.. OTMT.CA 0.870.8544,017,786
Amer Group Holding.. AMER.CA 1.071.0533,638,636
United Arab Shipping.. UASG.CA 1.591.539,823,192
Arabian International Con.. AIND.CA1.381.389,387,559
Palm Hills Development Co.. PHDC.CA 2.512.467,959,491